21 April 2008

behaviour guide by jean touitou

BEHAVIOR GUIDE (in order to avoid mere survival)
Intended for younger generations by JEAN TOUITOU

1. Although appearance shows quite the reverse the natural trend of the system is to turn you into a slave. Your mission is to remain erect and never crawl.
2. when learning, you must know how to make the clear distinction between what is ideology and what is genuine knowledge.
3. Be fully aware of the difference between making a compromise and compromising yourself.
4. Whatever happens, heart break hotel is sure to be your dwelling place, for one or several stays. This is no reason to overindulge in the pangs of love for too long.
5. Learn how to make simple and excellent meals.
6. Fear no gods, whatever appearance they may have.
7. For girls: all boys are more or less the same. For boys: all girls are different.
8. Keep well away from competitive sport that will only cause wounds that will make you suffer when you are over forty.
9. There is no such thing as good and evil. There is what is right and what is bad, what is consistent and what is wrong.

Jean Touitou is the founder/ head designer the French minimalist label APC (Atelier de Production et de Creation)

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Anonymous said...

Love the new format. The orange is great. On this entry I truly believe Number 8. MKL