08 April 2008

nissan xterra

I recently went to a lecture about coordination between mechanical engineers and architects and the lecturer used the story of the xterra as an example of poor coordination. This was the first I had ever heard anything regarding the xterra and design flaws, so I was immediately interested. (far more so then the actual topic of the lecture to be honest)

Apparently there was some miscommunication between the design engineers and the result was that odd bump on top, which they covered with a roof rack at the last minute. Don't you love it! Just put something on top and no one will figure it out!!
Anyway they fixed everything for the 2nd Generation Xterra. BUT I keep seeing the 1st Generations driving around. They're everywhere...now that you know you'll start seeing them too. So I can't help but wonder if these poor saps who bought the 1st generation knew about the problem OR if they loved the xterra with the flaw? Or maybe no one really cares?
All I know is I'll never see an Xterra in the same way again.

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Anonymous said...

Now I will see Xterras everywhere. MKL