04 May 2008


what happened on this day in 1980? i know!

Besides being the 124th day of the year (125th in leap years) in the gregorian calendar there are a variety of other random events that have taken place, most of which are rather depressing.

1886 - haymarket roit
1904 - construction of panama canal began
1953 - Hemingway receives pulitzer for Old Man and the Sea
1970 - Kent State Shooting

Other items associated with May 4th:

astrological sun sign - Taurus

gem - emerald
(the only precious gem in which the flaws are considered "assets")

food association - garlic, some people can't live with May 4s and some can't live without them, strong, spicy, provocative, and cheerfully aggressive, they are virtually incapable of toning down their personality. And why would they want to? Those who love May 4s find them utterly engaging and indispensable; and those that don't will never know what they are missing. It's their loss!

associated color - sky blue, May 4s then to be dreamers, drifting off into deep interior space at the slightest provocation. All those hours spent in the "blue beyond" are not for naught, however. When they touch down, the deliver - on time and on the mark. Sure, 4s are dreamers, but they can be more than that 0 they can be dream makers too!

animal affinity - zebra, nothing in life is black and white...except the zebra! It's crazy strips perfectly epitomize the union of opposites. It blends the forces of mystery and enlightenment, the known and the unknown, into a sleek, beautiful image with room enough for both. May 4s also posses this unique ability. They allow all "strips" to coexist without compromising the integrity of any!

so all this might be a load of b.s. but it's entertaining.

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