07 May 2008

h3 scratch off

My Subaru newsletter popped up in my gmail inbox this morning and I was for once delight to come across a really interesting story. (normally it's just accessories and gas saving advice)
Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom a husband and wife duo who've always dreamt of owning a Hummer H3 have created their own "special edition H3" out of $35,000 worth of losing lottery tickets. The project is called "Ghost of a Dream" and represents the dream of buying an expensive car upon winning the lottery. A dream that rarely comes true.

What I love about this project is they've taken what many would seem as a negative into a positive and a one of a kind piece of art!

For specifics....the body of a car is made from a plastic mold and is lined with lottery tickets. There are coins decorating the rims to represent the principal tool used to scratch the tickets and the rest is all tickets. Here are some detail views:

wow a lot of work went into this!

check out the original article:


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Anonymous said...

Two questions: Why was it in a Subaru newsletter if it was a hummer and where the heck did they get all those tickets? MKL