18 May 2008

toilet paper

While listening to NPR this afternoon I heard this interesting story on Marketplace. Amazon is now offering subscription delivery for common household goods such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc...PLUS they offer a discount for subscriptions of around 15%! How amazing would it be for that stuff to just show up instead of having to drag it home from the store or stockpiling.
Here are the new ordering options:


Anonymous said...

Really neat concept. Love the free shipping. MKL

EVR said...

It really is an ingenious concept, and eventually will cut down on the need for individual travel. Out in Cockeysville, I used to order groceries from Giant's Peapod service. I always sort of felt guilty, because it was like the ultimate laziness and reclusiveness. I think it is mostly intended for the elderly and disabled. Also they have to go overboard when it comes to packaging and keeping everything cool.